Why Does The Cost Of Elected Councillors Matter To Tax Payers?

How many council tax payers are of pensionable age and depending on low incomes to fund excessive numbers of councillors?

We are told the basic allowance for 54 elected members is £4,842 per annum. But the total bill for members is £341,504.61 for 2018/19, and the average amount is £6,324, including the add-ons for what is called “Special Responsibility Allowances”. [Source “WLBC Scheme for Payment of Members’ Allowances”].

Reducing the number of elected members to 36 would save far more than we are led to believe. It’s time to deliver. Let’s be rid of the part-time/none-attenders and pay for those members who would work for all taxpayers. An annual £227,664 cost is an attractive starter for just 36 members?  As should be a scheme of no attendance, no payments. 

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