Rosie Cooper MP Calls For Burscough Protection

And before you think it concerns protecting Burscough from its flooding and raw sewage problems, yesterday West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper

called on West Lancashire Borough Council to ensure that no demolition works take place at Burscough FC’s Victoria Park that are in breach of planning conditions.

Burscough Independent Supporters Association

and many residents have raised urgent concerns with MP Rosie upon hearing that the canteen is set to be demolished on Monday 1 June. They believe this will be a clear breach of the planning conditions which were set as part of the permission granted to build homes on Victoria Park.

This permission was conditional on the new ground being fully ready to be used in a ‘fit for purpose condition” and available before any development work could take place.

Rosie Cooper said “After receiving even more reports of breaches of planning at Burscough Football Club I have urgently written to West Lancashire Borough Council’s Chief Operating Officer calling on the council to step in and ensure that no planning breaches are or have occurred.

“With the information provided to me stating the canteen is set for demolition on Monday in breach of planning conditions, I have asked the council to urgently consider any actual or potential breaches and whether there is a risk to Council assets, and if so what urgent action they now intend to take.

“There must not be any leeway granted, if work is taking place in breach of planning permission set then immediate enforcement action must be taken in the interests of the council, council taxpayers and the Burscough community”.

If the Burscough Labour stacked-up Planning Committee can’t stop this today, and it might already be too late if developers are on site early, what chance democracy with developers running the borough planning process? Just like the Beacon Park Golf Course, all Council assets, who cares?

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