Major Issues Facing The Borough Council

Our readers know of some major issues facing the Borough Council, some of which are long term and some are recently self inflicted, which we classify under Ashurst/Aughton & Downholland wards, no representation by some elected members. Simple enough to describe, elected members don’t attend meetings, the Borough Council turns itself inside out to make sure a tit for tat loss of Labour/Tory members doesn’t occur.

Others issues are more important. We regularly tell readers about the Serco Leisure deal that a former borough councillor thought stank to high heaven and many more suspect that the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill case is so rotten yet it won’t be considered as corrupt even though the royalty and VAT deal is closed to public audit. Commercial in confidence, remember? But is not watering greens acceptable? 

And then there is Burscough, synonymous with floods, raw sewage, From WLBC to the Burscough Flooding Group “Thank you for your email below to the WLBC Council Leader and Chief Operating Officer. The points you raise in your email will be considered and a response provided to you in due course”.

Open Letter to WLBC Chief Operating Officer

“Dear Chief Operating Officer

“Thank you for the email.

“Firstly as mentioned in my previous e-mail. No member of Burscough Flooding Group has suggested any individual within WLBC has taken bribes or gained financially as a result of their actions. If we had evidence of that we would have informed the Police without delay.

“However, we are aware that there is something seriously wrong within WLBC and, like a lot residents, we know that we aren’t getting the service we expect. We believe that there is an almost complete lack of consideration of residents, Burscough Town Council and BFG views and evidence within the planning consultations. It could be institutional bias, but whatever the cause, it is having a negative effect on the planning process, and development is the main cause in the increasing flooding and drainage issues which Burscough suffers from.

“I have raised specific planning issues a great many times with the previous Chief Planner and later the Council Leader. The Council Leader has fobbed me off and it is for that reason that I began to write to you, the Chief Operating Officer; and also because you and the Internal Audit Manager, have particular duties with regard to anti-fraud and corruption policies which ensure that the “Authority’s culture is one of openness and the core values of fairness, honesty and trust……”

“Therefore before you send another email in response, please can you answer some questions: Will you undertake an investigation in line with your anti-fraud and corruption policies? And if not why not? Will you appoint an independent investigator, which is necessary as the problem might be institutional bias? What is the scope of your investigation, because you could consider all of the BFG emails and evidence to WLBC dealing with planning issues around YTF, Booths, the 6 homes next to Lordsgate Lane, Victoria Park and the A59 nursing home (BFG can provide you with copies if needed)?

“Before you oversee any investigation, it is important that whoever undertakes it is fully aware that much of the evidence provided by residents, councillors, BFG and BTC is archived by WLBC after planning applications are passed and those archives will have to be retrieved first.

“I look forward to your response”.

We all do!

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