Play Golf On A Maintained Course, Or At Beacon Park Golf Course

As we all know, the once beautiful Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC) is a seriously damaged landfill site that delivered up its huge amount of unaudited/unaccounted for landfill royalties to beneficial private  companies, long since departed apart from Serco, that is.

Serco remains because it holds the lease, and because it breached planning conditions for the development that they turned into destruction but agreed to restore in part which WLBC accepted.

The coronavirus lockdown was used by Serco to furlough leisure staff using the Government Job Retention Scheme, employed but not allowed to work, as Rupert Soames of Serco accepts. Both WLBC and Serco admit in writing that work closed on 20th March and they agreed to “recommence essential maintenance works at Beacon Park on 20th April”.

As we’ve pointed out, golf courses and no maintenance work is not a recommended combination. Grass doesn’t go into furlough. But remarkably the WLBC Head of Leisure and Wellbeing agreed almost word for word with Serco on the process described.  So how does the BPGC look today? Judge for yourselves, pictures of greens taken today.

Not much to be proud of, is it? No evidence of maintained watering, just parched and cracking. The foot you see belongs to a senior member, soon to be known as “the few” as many depart to play at real golf courses without landfill and with watered greens, such as at Mossock Hall, below.

Who could blame them?

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