Mr “NHS Moneybags” In Local Post

May 2020 “Health and care leaders from across Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System (ICS) have today welcomed the appointment of David Flory as the new ICS Independent Chair”.

But we the public might not be quite so welcoming when we realise what riches we have, unwittingly, bestowed on Mr Flory from our valuable NHS funds. Mr Flory quit as head of the NHS Trust Development Authority in March 2015. He left with £410,000 on top of his salary of more than £200,000.

Union leaders condemned the handout as an example of reward for failure that sickens the public. Mr Flory carved out a career in the NHS which culminated in him being one of the best paid and was once described as the fourth most powerful person in the health service.

The report said Mr Flory received a termination payment within the band £410,000-£415,000 in accordance with a settlement agreement agreed on completion of a fixed-term appointment set out in 2012.

He will be joining the system in Autumn 2020, working closely with Dr Amanda Doyle the ICS Chief Officer and other local leaders to help to deliver the local vision to work together to improve health and care for local people across Lancashire and South Cumbria. His appointment follows a competitive selection process involving a wide range of local and regional stakeholders, as well as formal approval by Chief Executive of the NHS, Sir Simon Stevens. We can only wonder why Dr Doyle needs help of this kind.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System is a partnership of NHS, local authority, public sector, voluntary, faith, community, social enterprise and academic organisations. The partnership aims to join up health and care services, listen to the priorities of our communities, local people and patients and tackle some of the biggest challenges we are all facing.

Might it be the case that the poorest paid yet most valuable, and vulnerable, NHS staff will wonder how and why these management people are valued multiples of 10 times what they are paid, and how is it allowed?

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