The Double Life Of Cllr Currie

We are still awaiting a decision by the West Lancashire Borough Council to respond to the  double life situation of Aughton & Downholland Cllr Currie, claimed by the local Conservative Association today, 21st May as “Sam Currie is a Conservative Councillor in Aughton and Downholland. He was elected in May 2016. He lives in Haskayne. Tel 0779 167 3266.E-Mail” yet tweeting a self admission of living and working in London. He’s the “Association press officer”!

Perhaps he might announce what he thinks about this strange insistence by his party website “Promoted by Cllr David Westley on behalf of West Lancashire Conservatives” that he lives in the local ward, Look under “Show only Borough Councillors”. We want to know what ward casework he might be undertaking from London, and what value we can place on his publicly funded allowances.

Talking about dodgy representation, did you read in the Telegraph about the peer “milking” taxpayers by furloughing himself and yet still claiming the Lords allowance? Lord Fox, who owns two homes worth more than £2 million, is the first Parliamentarian known to use wage subsidy scheme to pay himself.

The 62-year-old Liberal Democrat frontbench spokesman for business is the owner and sole employee of Vulpes Advisory, a “strategic communications” company. His decision to double dip into the taxpayers’ pocket was criticised as “milking the taxpayer” by MPs, who said on Wednesday that he should pay the money back.

The peer has chosen to take the £162 daily allowance for his work in the Lords, which is being conducted by Zoom during the lockdown. It’s not so much milking us as taking the piss!

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