Can You Avoid Making Routine Enquiries?

Like how to avoid the routine raw sewage appearing in Burscough when it rains and the utilities are not united enough to cope?

You know that local authorities in England have been given new powers to hold meetings, including planning committees, by video or telephone conferencing. The government announced it had temporarily removed the legal requirement for councils to hold public meetings in person during the coronavirus outbreak.

A statement from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said the measure would allow council staff, members and the public to stay at home but still access decision meetings.

However, many councillors across the country are not happy about this move. The change covers all category of public meetings. It will be up to each local authority to decide how meetings should be conducted and how the public has access.

Cheek of the week!

From a planning officer who must remain anonymous “Please give some credit to council officials, who are knocking themselves out 7 days a week to stay on top of this, coordinating help to the most vulnerable and ensuring that key services are maintained. If you can avoid making routine enquiries (eg about a planning application) during this period that would be great”.

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