Council To Approve “Raw Sewage In Burscough Streets” Policy

Council states “Burscough Yew Tree Farm will only be developed when the council are satisfied that problems existing with infrastructure are resolved”

Burscough Town Council has objected to the application, and WLBC has also received an objection from Burscough Flood Group. Drainage was an extremely important consideration of the outline permission and indeed is of great concern to the local community. When spoken to about the difficulties residents had in communicating with WLBC officers the new Chief Operating Officer stated her commitment to council transparency. 

Decision; “It is considered that the proposed development is acceptable in terms of layout, housing mix, appearance and scale and that the proposed landscaping scheme will assimilate the development into its surroundings. I am satisfied that the proposed development would allow for the provision and retention of reasonable levels of amenity, including raw sewage in the streets,  for the occupants of future and neighbouring properties. I find that the proposed development is compliant with the NPPF, the West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 DPD, the Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan and the Yew Tree Farm Masterplan SDP in respect of drainage, highways ecology, and sewage on the streets”.

The application and policy show that UU, LCC and WLBC will determine whether 2020/0293/CON is approved. They will decide what weight to give residents’ evidence, yet they have predetermined themselves not consider Burscough Flooding Group  data and therefore the vast majority of the information available and provided by BFG and Burscough Town Council also.

When we visited the WLBC offices to try to discuss the matter we were told, sorry, the Planning Department officers are busy. But we managed to take our picture before the door was closed in our faces, just as it will next week for the residents of Burscough.

This from a Labour council that went to court to overturn the Parrs Lane proposed development, now happily putting into law a raw sewage in the streets policy, and using the Tory Government “Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020” that includes “They should also consider using ‘urgency powers’ within their constitutions to give senior officers delegated authority to make decisions”. They “do” delegated rather well here in West Lancashire.

And that is why it will be lawful for WLBC Planning Department to “Approve Raw Sewage In Burscough Streets”.

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