Where to Find Garden Waste Competitors?

Remember when WLBC told us to compost?

Since then, four years ago, the borough council has had the audacity to mention popularity, competitively priced service, listened, and subscriptions, all in one small article about garden waste.

“Garden waste subscriptions are available online from 11 May. The Garden Waste Collection Service is really popular across West Lancashire and, although not an essential service for residents during a pandemic, the Council is offering a continued service through online subscriptions for 2020/21″.

Councillor Kevin Wilkie, whose Cabinet responsibilities include waste management, said “We have listened to our subscribers and understand that our residents really want us to continue the garden waste collection service despite the current challenges”.

The collection period customers will be subscribing for is 1 June 2020–31 May 2021.  The cost of subscribing is £30 for the 4th year running which offers residents of the Borough a competitively priced service.

Unpopular, a tax, and a charge, what is “competitive” in a monopoly?

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