No Birdies At Beacon Park Golf Course Today?

1,800 golf courses reopened. It should be 1,801, but to the eternal shame of Serco, the Beacon Park Golf Course in our borough remains closed.

Pic above, Mailonline, as Peter Bone MP from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Golf welcomed the return to courses. He told the MailOnline ‘I’m keen to get as many sporting activities available to people as possible. I want to see as many people able to play sport safely so I’m delighted that angling can go ahead, tennis can go ahead and golf can go ahead because they’re clearly easy to social distance”.

As the value of the Serco order book has increased by £2.1bn to £14bn, propelled by a record order intake of £5.4bn, Rupert Soames described 2018 as an “inflection point”, he has characterised 2019 as the year Serco reached “escape velocity… able to leave behind the gravitational drag of previous missteps”.

We can only wonder if knows what he will say about the misstep that is the Beacon Park Golf Course shambles.

Ridden with illegal planning that led to excess landfill with all records of landfill VAT and royalties buried under it.

And Quentin Letts of The Times gave West Lancashire an airing, as the Speaker of the Commons introduced Rosie Cooper (Lab, W Lancs) as “the wonder of Lancashire”.

“On came big Rosie, baring canines, pushing up so close to the camera that we got a sense of what an Ormskirk saveloy must see in its final moments before being gobbled down her hatch”. Try as we might, we can’t even find a picture of a genuine Ormskirk savaloy.

Comments on this Letts report included “Another triumph from Quentin with his recognition for Ormskirk” and “An Ormskirk saveloy sounds vaguely pornographic”, eh? and obviously from a historian “Saveloy – a red, smooth-textured, well seasoned,

smoked sausage, comparable to a large hot dog. Popular in the North of England in the last century it is widely seen now in fish and chip shops who sell them battered and deep-fried“. Then “What is the connection with the MP for West Lancs?” and “No one eats saveloy in ormskirk. Or anywhere much north of Stratford. Factual note: Saveloys are at home in Essex. Unknown in Ormskirk. Mind you, Letts was never known for accuracy”.
You might prefer it deep fried, above? Or perhaps Letts might be deep fried by Rosie?


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