Have More People Died From Coronavirus In West Lancashire Than Anywhere Else In Lancashire?

Once again Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust has recorded no new coronavirus deaths. But apparently West Lancashire has been hit disproportionately hard by coronavirus compared to the rest of the county, due to the number of deaths in West Lancashire care homes.

The total using figures issued by the Office for National Statistic is almost double anywhere else in Lancashire.

Recorded deaths will probably rise due the delays in the figures being officially registered. While hospital deaths have continued to fall in recent weeks, those working in the care sector continue to raise concerns about how the outbreak is causing widespread devastation.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper

has been speaking to the press. She criticised the government for its failure to better support care homes and ensure that enough PPE was available to all who needed it.

She said how saddening it is to hear of the high number of deaths in care homes due to Covid-19. “My thoughts are with all their families, friends and carers. Undeniably the Government were far too slow to give social care the support it needs, too slow with testing and there wasn’t enough appropriate PPE supplied to carers”.

We all know the government will be the whipping boy for not having the foresight that nobody else had either. The national press being smart after the event has so far been obvious in most of the daily government live briefings.

Rosie claims “There are so many questions which need answering including why were the desperate calls for PPE in care homes ignored? Why weren’t those in care homes with Coronavirus not sent to hospital where necessary? Why were patients not tested for Coronavirus before being returned to their care home? All these questions and more, could shed a light on the rapid spread of Coronavirus within the care home sector and why vulnerable people and their carers were exposed to this awful virus”.

Rosie also claims that “It’s time that NHS and Social Care were integrated properly and that the staff and elderly vulnerable patients in care homes were safeguarded and their lives valued”.

There were 159 Covid-19 related deaths in Lancashire in the week April 18-24, a drop from 182 deaths the week before but deaths in care homes continued to rise, from 34 to 45. Deaths involving Covid-19 made up nearly a third (31%) of all deaths in care homes in the area notified to the CQC between April 10 and May 1.

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