Golf Balls To Be Back In The Air!

Courses in England will be allowed to reopen on Wednesday in a move that has taken the sport by surprise.

Beacon Park Golf Course Seniors, shown above with Rosie Cooper, will be raring to go back, even though Serco still hasn’t brought the course back to its former glory (some say they never will!).

The news will cause the panic button to be pressed and it will be action stations for members’ clubs. They have 48 hours to prepare for a situation that will be widely welcomed as golfers try to test out their shanks for the first time in two months.

The absence of bunker rakes and the demands not to touch flags will be a minor inconvenience for single-handicappers and hackers alike. As will be the two-metre social distancing rules. Fair enough, clubhouses will be closed and there will definitely be no 19th hole at which to enact the always enthralling route of recounting rounds to fellow players. So what if the tee times are at a minimum of 15-minutes apart and, who cares if one has to change into the spikes in the car park?

NB Golf courses and tennis courts will be allowed to open from Wednesday in England. However, you would still have to play only with members of your own household. But golfers can play solo!

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