Lovely Jubbly?

From our caring Government

“Dear Councillor

“As you may be aware the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government has this week announced councils across England will receive another £1.6 billion in additional funding as they continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is in addition to £1.6 billion announced on April 18 and takes the total given to councils to help their communities through this crisis to over £3.2 billion. The funding is designed to allow councils to continue to provide essential services and support to those who need it most.

“Lancashire County Council has received a total of £56,700,986, made up of £35,296,352 in the first tranche and a further £21,404,634 in the second. The second tranche of the settlement was nearly 40% lower than the first tranche reflecting a per capita based allocation as opposed to the needs based approach adopted for the first tranche.

“All District Councils will receive an increased allocation in this second tranche but overall, the funding for Lancashire’s local authorities fell by nearly £6million. Lancashire Leaders have agreed to write to the Secretary of State asking for reassurances that all councils will be reimbursed for the full cost of dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak”.

Regards Angie
Angie Ridgwell
Chief Executive & Director of Resources
Lancashire County Council.

PS Don’t spend it all at once, it’s taxpayers’ money, be prudent, and don’t fund early retirements of jobsworths who may be rushing for the exit doors!

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