The Local Labour Party Is More Important Than A Few More Flooded Residents In Burscough?

“It is not possible for Burscough to have greater representation!”

Cllr David Evans, Portfolio Holder for Planning, elected to Burscough East 5 May 2016.

27 April 2020 From Cllr “evans dave” to Gavin Rattray 2019/1182/ARM

“The above application will most probably be on the agenda for the May meeting of the Planning Committee. The Committee met in April by means of a Skype Conference Call. All things considered it was a success.

“All four WLBC Cllrs for Burscough are at present members of the planning committee. That is, Cllr Dereli, Cllr Pritchard (Vice Chair) ,Cllr David Evans (Cabinet Planning Portfolio) and Cllr Susan Evans. I would note you have a habit of not including Cllr Susan Evans in correspondence. Cllr Pope the Lancashire County Councillor for Burscough as you will know is also a member of the Planning Committee in his guise as WLBC Cllr for Newburgh.

“It is not possible for Burscough to have greater representation! For the past few weeks, Planning Officers have been diverted to full time duties in regard to Covid 19 emergency. The Officers’ knowledge of the Borough being invaluable.

“Starting from today officers are starting to return to Planning duty. However the majority of their time will be spent working from home. I have some points still to determine reference this application. I will hope to write to you before the end of the week.

“Regards Stay Safe Dave Evans”.

From Gavin Rattray 28 April 2020 responseDear Councillors David Evans and Ian Moran. Thank you for your email David. I believe that this may be the first time you have responded to any email from any member of Burscough Flooding Group.

“The voting history of WLBC means I am not reassured by the presence of so many Labour councillors on planning; like the Tories, you may all decide to vote to pass YTF phase 2 because it’s in the party’s interests. WLBC needs the money and the local Labour party is more important than a few more flooded residents in Burscough. The presence of Councillor Pope isn’t reassuring, being he has been a staunch supporter of Yew Tree Farm, and to my knowledge, has never voted against any aspect of it.

“As you know the key drainage items 26 and 30 have been hived off into 2020/0293/CON to be passed separately by a junior council officer, with suitable supporting evidence; and no one in the Conservative or Labour parties will be associated with the resulting flooding problems. When I say, suitable supporting evidence, what I mean is that the only evidence countering that provided by developers, UU, WLBC and LCC (who all have vested financial interests), is from BFG (who is interested in safeguarding Burscough from flooding).

“Yet our evidence has no weight at all, because WLBC has very publicly stated that it won’t take evidence from BFG, as has United Utilities, and LCC’s action speaks louder than words because it refused BFG’s evidence of flooding for its S19 report of the 2015 boxing day floods and its resulting S19 report painted a false picture of Burscough’s flooding problems. Other points worth mentioning are that the developer has no duty to be fair, i.e. to present a balanced case. I believe that duty only lies with LCC and WLBC.

“Now might be a good time to inform Councillor Ian Moran that we still have the same concerns (and more) that we have emailed him about for many years. We still want to meet him because he is both in a unique position of control, has a duty to meet regularly with residents groups and to set a high standard of probity. We would normally want to discuss our concerns face to face, but COVID means he needs to respond to our emails himself”.

“Best regards, Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group”.

Without wishing to be facetious, what does a planning officer know of Covid-19, other than watching the Prime Minister and others tell us what charts of trends exist. If they have sat in the same seats at the same desks, but are now working from home, we should really be told. I ask this from my bunker

where I have been for weeks. Whoops, should I seek retrospective planning permission for it?

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