Police Advice On Covid-19 Frauds

Covid19 – Fraud Update

Good Morning “If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will have received a number of messages from us recently regarding fraud and the current COVID19 pandemic. Whilst it is paramount of keep yourselves safe and healthy, it is also important to be wary of how fraudsters are using the situation to defraud people. Below is a round up of some of the scams we are currently seeing.

” Victims are being persuaded to make advance payments for things such as rental properties, caravans and pets. The fraudsters state the victim cannot view the item due to the current pandemic. The advertisements are fake and the items do not exist. The victim pays the fee with no item provided. This is commonly known as advance fee fraud.

“Fraudsters are sending phishing emails and texts out advertising face masks, playing on rumours regarding the use of these going forward. Legitimate companies will never contact you out of the blue to purchase face masks, and links within the emails and texts are malicious. Please delete! “As mentioned in our messages to you, courier frauds are still being attempted nationwide with 191 people in the UK now being victims. The bank or police will never contact you asking to make purchases, or to withdraw your money for examination!

“Phishing emails are a common theme throughout fraud, not just during this pandemic. Fraudsters are sending emails purporting to be from Tesco offering free vouchers, The World Health Organisation informing recipients they have been chosen to receive compensation, and Virgin Media stating there has been problems with paying bills due to the pandemic. All these emails are designed to hook victims in and obtain person and financial details. “Further messages regarding COVID19 and fraud will be sent out as a when it is relevant to do so. Please be aware that criminals will use any mainstream news and adapt it to fraudulent scenarios, and that is applicable more than ever during the current climate”.

“Stay safe. The Economic Crime Unit, Lancashire Police”.

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