Councillor Compiles Cocked-Up Case

A WLBC elected member, Blackpool FC season ticket holder  and Liverpool FC hater who elected to bugger off and live in London without resigning and consequently able to retain his taxpayer funded £4,840 annual stipend tweeted “BREAKING: France’s Ligue 1 season is CANCELLED. French football leagues cancelled…I have compiled a list of 3 reasons why it is absolutely imperative that it also happens here. 1- It’s the safest thing to do 2- Liverpool will be denied the title 3- Preston cannot get promoted”.

Latest news? Whoops, Ligue 1: Paris St-Germain awarded French title as season finished early. Paris St-Germain have been awarded the Ligue 1 title after it was announced the season would not resume because of the coronavirus pandemic.

PSG were 12 points clear at the top of the table, with a game in hand, when French football was suspended indefinitely on 13 March. PSG have been awarded the title on a points-per-game basis, while Lorient have been crowned Ligue 2 champions on the same principle.They were just one point above Lens when the season was suspended and both teams will be promoted.

Liverpool FC is 25 points clear, and on a points per game basis of 2.83 are way out ahead of the second placed club, 2.03. By any reasonable and considered opinion Liverpool should be awarded the title, no matter how upset “Buggered off from Aughton & Downholland” feels!

Currie tweeted [April 5th 2020] “Give them the Premier League title. Nobody cares anymore. The mask has slipped The same club who tried to trademark “Liverpool” less than 12 months ago are now claiming they need the UK taxpayer to pay their wages “You’ll never walk alone”, my arse. Horrible club”. [Hypocrite! See…”need the UK taxpayer (or council tax payer) to pay wages!]

Another “Currie Cock-up” following two decisive election defeats? Of course!

And the Everton supporting Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said “I think the best thing to do is to actually end the season. It isn’t just about Liverpool – they’ve clearly won the league – they deserve it, they should be crowned league champions”.

If Currie could recognise the right thing to do, he might do it?

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