“Promises Promises” Of 100,000 Tests?

At the press conference when the “goal” was first announced on April 2, Health Secretary Matt Hancock

said “I am now setting the goal of 100,000 tests per day by the end of this month. That is the goal and I am determined that we will get there”.

From the Daily Mail

today “Will Health Secretary Matt Hancock reach his self-imposed daily target of 100,000 tests by tonight’s deadline? Almost certainly not. Does it matter? Many will say that although he missed his mark, capacity has been significantly ramped up allowing far more tests to be carried out in the community. But there are questions of confidence and trust. If a minister makes a promise and fails to keep it why should we believe him next time”?

So a goal became a target that became a promise. But the Daily Mail publishes a “Clarifications & corrections” section which also today states “An article in Monday’s paper about Laurence Fox’s new relationship said that King Edward VI High School for Girls “costs £40,014”. In fact the school’s annual fees are £13,338. We apologise for the error”.

If a national newspaper that we should trust publishes incorrect facts why should we believe it next time?

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