A Message From The Chief Operating Officer

A Message From The WLBC Chief Operating Officer

On “Joining a Council which is ‘Ambitious for West Lancashire’ – our Economy, Environment and for Health and Wellbeing”. 

“The Council’s aims are to pursue inclusive economic growth, further enhance the environment and improve the health and wellbeing of local people. There is a determination to maintain and improve performance in priority areas, whilst balancing the budget year on year. Consequently the Council is pursuing innovative, community-based and commercial approaches, together with the digitisation of services, to deliver increased income and efficiency at a time of unprecedented financial challenge”.

And if you believe that you will be gullible enough to believe anything. Enhance the environment? What, with no improvement of often flooded Burscough?

Improve the wellbeing of local people? What, with the appalling landfilling of the Beacon Park Golf Course for the filling of private pockets of the developers Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, the Oakland Golf and Leisure Pension Scheme with Jonathan Russell Snellgrove and Sharon Marie Snellgrove both of Mill Cottage, 20 Rockery Road, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5AS as Trustees, and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd with vast amounts of royalties, no public recording of VAT payments to HMRC, and a course that looks like it is, a public rubbish tip?

And a “Standards Committee” that, “promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members and operating the “Standards regime”, spent just 10 minutes on 17th September 2019 and 25 minutes on 19 March 2019 in noting nothing of interest to anybody other than that “reports be noted”. Imagine that, 35 minutes of attention to council standards in one whole year!

Printed minutes “STANDARDS COMMITTEE HELD: Tuesday, 19 March 2019 Start: 6.30pm Finish: 6.55pm“. Printed minutes “STANDARDS COMMITTEE HELD: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 Start: 5.00pm Finish: 5.10pm”.

So how did the Standards Committee promote the “high standards of two elected members who do not attend while drawing allowances”? The Chair and the Vice-Chair, in full knowledge of both, that absence was and is ongoing, and taxpayers were and are paying the bill? Answers please on the back of a postage stamp!

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