Turbulent Virgins

“BA can’t get it up!!

You might remember, in 2016, when the London Eye, which was sponsored by British Airways, had a technical problem and they could not erect it, Richard Branson had a field day. He scrambled a blimp with the text “BA can’t get it up!!“ and flew it near the London Eye.

Now, two Virgin Group airline brands, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia, have entered some turbulent air during the COVID-19 crisis. The Australian branch has entered administration in order to cut its fat and return to profitability. Virgin Atlantic was rumoured to be put on sale by Richard Branson after the British government refused to provide it a $621 million (£500 million) loan.

Branson‘s spokesperson denied the rumour of a happening sale. However, the investment bank Houlihan Lokey was hired to find a fresh round of investment into the Britain-based airline.

Starting from its inception in 1984, Virgin Atlantic’s communication was cheeky, to say the least. The company was not afraid to take the mick out of its competitors, mainly British Airways. The trend has stayed the same until recently, when Virgin Atlantic launched the “Two Flag Carriers” initiative in order to secure its place in the sometime-in-the-future expanded Heathrow Airport (LHR).

When Virgin Blue, the former name of Virgin Australia, was launched in 2000, Richard Branson stated that domestic flight prices in Australia were “far too high, with far too many restrictions and it’s about time Australians can fly without having to spend their entire pay packet”. Now, they might be able to buy a whole airline for the cost of an entire fag packet! Virgin, of course!


2 thoughts on “Turbulent Virgins

  1. neil campbell (@limetreevilla)

    More than happy for the Government to bail out Bransons’ airline and take the controlling shares whilst accepting his 2 (yes 2, Necter and Moskito) islands in the BVI as collateral. We can then use Virgin Airlines aircraft to fly NHS and care worker staff for free holidays on his 2 islands as a great big thank you for their dedication, hard work and sacrifice during the COVID crisis!

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      What a good idea. So long as flights take place from Liverpool airport, for the convenience of all us octogenarians who have been isolated and need such facilities for our recovery!


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