Local Tory Disciplinary Shambles

From the West Lancashire Conservatives website today 28th April 2020.

“Cllr Sam Currie – Aughton and Downholland Ward and Association Press Officer. Sam Currie is a Conservative Councillor in Aughton and Downholland. He was elected in May 2016. He lives in Haskayne”. Well no, as we have to keep on reminding the Tory High Command, he doesn’t live in Haskayne, or anywhere in West Lancashire. He lives in London.

“Sam was the 2017 County Candidate for Skelmersdale Central [failed] …Sam was the 2017 West Lancs Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party [failed].

Tweet @Samuel_P_Currie “I’m all for public engagement [but not in the Aughton & Downholland Ward I was elected to serve for a stipend of £4,840 since I buggered off to live in London] but this is ridiculous. The daily press conferences should be about: Facts, Steps taken, Steps to be taken. Any difficult, relevant questions should be asked by the media on our behalf. Otherwise what is the point in them?”. 1:52 PM • Apr 27, 2020.

What is the point of Sam Currie? He’s “all for public engagement”? Really? A questionnaire for Cllr David Westley the Conservative Group Leader “to answer the facts of absent Cllr Currie, to know what steps have been taken, or what steps ARE to be taken”. Council tax payers require it! Today would be good!

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