I Agree With David!

Hullo, it’s me again.

“What a week, I spoke, and the Leader of the Council said he agreed with me! I was very moved, as you can imagine, it was music to my ears. I can only conclude he forgot I am a Tory. But it was a case of me scratching his back and he’ll scratch mine!

“You may think I am a firm believer in no taxation without representation. I’m not, obviously, as my own West Lancashire Conservative party, which I lead with enormous pride, has not commented publicly on how and why our Aughton & Downholland (A&D) ward councillor Sam Currie now lives in London but continues his duties to A&D just as he did before. Yes, that’s right, he did nothing discernible for A&D before going to London and he does nothing now.

“So A&D residents will, and do, ask how can he, and is he being paid £403 a month out of council tax?  Well, don’t worry, yes, he is, because of the six month rule. Sam declared himself to be an estate agent in Allerton and his home address in West Lancashire to be 3 Kings Close, Haskayne, L39 7AA. That was signed by him on 7/5/16.

“Now that he lives and works in London, as he told me in January 2020, “I spoke to Wally my group leader at West Lancs and told him of my decision not to seek re-election in May. I still own my home in West Lancs but recently moved my life to London so it’s the only way forward”.

“The thing is, our elected members can skive off on full pay for one day short of six months before being allowed to stay in office, as has happened recently, a legal precedent. But our Sam’s case is different. He’s still claiming his home address to be his Haskayne address. Whoops, that’s unlawful!

“Now you know I am the Vice Chairman of the WLBC Standards Committee, and Sam will probably have to appear before us to answer charges of breach of Members Code of Conduct and Local Government Act 2011.

“And that will be my case for the Leader of the Council to scratch my back! Tit for tat!”.

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