State Aid For Them Who Aid Themselves!

Former CBI head Digby Jones was made a peer in 2007 as a minister in Gordon Brown’s “government of all the talents”.

More recently, he was a prominent Brexiter, denouncing the pro-Remain politicians “cosy in their London constituency or expenses-paid Westminster office. I see the Lords as a non-executive director of the country” he said, pointing to its job in revising legislation. He added that he saw his role promoting “socially inclusive wealth creation”.

Tweet From Lord Digby Jones today “Please Rishi Sunak, tell me this isn’t true: the reason HMT is so slow & nit-picking getting much-needed cash to sme’s is… might break EU state-aid rules! We’re bound by them til the end of transition in Dec. Germany just ignored the rules &, surprise surprise! so did France. But we’ve obeyed them! You couldn’t make this up. What is it about our civil servants! Just do it for God’s Sake; what’s Brussels going to do? Invade us?”.

“Virgin Atlantic seeks £500m of taxpayer cash “to survive the crisis”. This is the same business that condemned HMG for seeking to bail out Flybe; I suppose that was different for Branson because it wasn’t him. A bit tricky for the Gov’t to give our money to billionaire Sir Richard when he sits on Necker Island in tax exile”.

Tweet Comment “He’s a parasite who doesn’t pay tax in the UK and sues the NHS”. So true!

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