LCC Employee Rich List Exposed

Nearly a dozen senior officers at Lancashire County Council earned more were paid more than £100,000 for their work last year, according to new figures.

In 2018/19, the highest-earning local government staff member at any Lancashire authority was the county council’s chief executive Angie Ridgwell, whose salary amounted to £206,000. She also fulfils the role of director of resources and did not receive any pension benefits for the year in question.

And there are ten other officers at the county council whose remuneration ranged from £109,000 to £160,000. The latter figure was the combined pay and pension package received by the county council’s second-highest earner, executive director of adult services and health and wellbeing Louise Taylor. Ms Taylor is responsible for the service area which accounts for the largest share of Lancashire County Council’s budget.

The overall data was compiled by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, a right-of-centre pressure group which campaigns for lower taxes and publishes its so-called ‘Town Hall Rich List’ every year. Three of the highest-earning officers are not identified either by name or role in the published data. Another three have a basic salary of below £100,000 – but appear on the list because their pension contributions pushed them above that amount overall. 

Surely there must be a cap on these salaries, especially while the national economy is hitting the lowest paid/pensioners? This will become grotesque if it is allowed to continue?


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