Burscough, Floods, Jacobs, And The Whitewash Saga

Readers will recall the statement from the Burscough Flooding Group to LCC (5 March 2020) that included

“It is deeply unfair that only the parties, LCC, West Lancashire Borough Council (WLBC) and United Utilities (UU), with large vested financial interests, have shaped and approved the publicly funded report on Burscough’s flooding problems; whilst they simultaneously prevented public oversight of its production. Because of the lack of public oversight, the final Jacob’s report has basic errors including: understating the responsibilities of LCC, WLBC and UU; and being almost entirely uncritical of them. Therefore, there is a certain inevitability that the public will perceive that the report is a whitewash”.

Burscough Flooding Group to LCC 3 April 2020Thank you for two recent emails. I was impressed that the LLFA is progressing more reports and written communications than normal and is well-equipped with telephone/video conferencing. I also noticed that you
were able to attend a meeting on the 2/3/2020 with Whalley residents but are no longer able to meet with Burscough residents for some reason. As you know we are available for remote meetings, so when can Burscough Flooding Group expect to meet to discuss the Jacobs report? Can we have a reply to our emails two of which are included, one below
and one attached, both also requesting a meeting?”

LCC to Burscough Flooding Group 8 April 2020  As you’ll remember, the meeting we had planned in February to introduce the Jacobs report was overtaken by events and you now have it in full. What issues would you like to discuss? It is likely that Jacobs team and I can answer most queries by email”.

Burscough Flooding Group to LCC 9 April 2020 Please see the Vice Chair’s email sent to Council Officer Dianne Taylor  dated 3rd April 2020. What are your teams’ thoughts on the issues and omissions Burscough Flooding Group identified within Jacobs SWMP Report and Action Plan for Burscough in that email (and also attached here)? Does LCC have anything which it feels should be added?”. The Burscough Flooding Group members, the residents of Burscough, and all other households in West Lancashire will this year pay Lancashire County Council £1,400.32 to provide the services local people need.  And that includes having a “competent flood management team” at County Hall. When we discover such a management team there we will so advise!





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