Another Letter To Serco/Soames About The Beacon Park Golf Course

Dear Mr Soames,

“You will have already received emails from disgruntled members of the golf club, outlining the condition of the course and the fact that no maintenance is being carried out, despite all other golf courses in the area being maintained. 

“It is no surprise that Serco is as usual leaving the course in an appalling condition, as we have witnessed the same careless, some might say downright criminal actions, that Serco, the company that you have been chosen to lead, have been mis-managing our course for five years.

“The small membership that is left [empty car park] , is becoming convinced that Serco is mis-managing the course deliberately, as profit is limited (due to continued bad management of both the course and the clubhouse) and Serco have already had the landfill monies, the total of which, we cannot find due to it being “commercially sensitive”. [Some reluctantly declared by Soames]

“All golf courses need to be maintained correctly, even in this challenging period, and bringing in the three ground keepers should not compromise social distancing in any way as long as you issue the correct PPE to them.

“With the government extending the lock down, failure to at least cut the rapidly growing grass on the course will result in nature reclaiming it and our course may be gone forever. You can appreciate that we have had to fight Serco in every project you have attempted, most of which have been disastrous, with poor business strategy, incompetent contractors and absolutely no results.

“Look at the nine hole golf course, then the foot golf fiasco, now the landfill having to be dumped on the course, to date, none of which have been completed.

“So Mr Soames, isn’t it about time you took a hand in overseeing our simple requests, after all it is your job!”.

Proud Beacon Park Golf Club Member

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