Members Mutiny At The Beacon Park Golf Course?

A series of open letters have been sent to Rupert Soames, CEO of Serco, by irate members of the Beacon Park Golf Course about the state of the golf course.

We publish one below which explains the reasons for the unmitigated disaster facing the WLBC publicly owned leisure facility as the landfill, royalties, and VAT scandal come home to the door of Serco

Good afternoon Rupert

“I have been a member of Beacon Park golf club for the last 25 years. I joined the golf club as it was highly recommended to me by various members so I joined and for the first 20 years everything was brilliant  the golf club the course and the members but since Serco have taken over it has been an absolute disgrace.

“It all started when you decided to build a nine hole golf course, get rid of the driving range, and change it into golf football (pathetic idea).

“We had 2 years of wagons coming up and down the first hole and nothing was ever completed then we found out that the landfill was too high on the old driving range and had to be brought back onto the course. So for the last 12 months we have had to start golf on the original 2nd hole and change the last par 5 into a per 4 and a par 3. All the work ground to a halt last October ????

“Now we have another major problem brought on again by Serco no maintenance on the golf course due to the green keepers being furloughed due to Co-vid 19 . [Machinery store locked up] WHY WHY WHY is this happening when every other golf course in the north west is being maintained, it’s not if they are going to being close together the course, 4 and a half miles long.

“The green keepers I know are made up to get their courses in good condition while there are no golfers playing but not Serco that is just typical of the way you operate as a company. The course is already in a bad state  and if it gets left much longer you might as well say goodbye to BPGC.

“The thing I don’t understand is all the money that is being spent on the course from Serco’s cock up will go to waste if there is no golf club. The members have argued with you for the last few years and all we have had is broken promises. Serco run the golf club on behalf of WLBC and yet today I was out and saw the council workers cutting the grass at the sides of the road.

“We have lost over 100 members in the last 2 years due to Serco’s running of the golf. Come on Rupert this is simply not good enough you are CEO of Serco and all you have to do is make one simple phone call and get the green keepers back maintaining a golf course otherwise I can only see one outcome back to a load of farmers fields the same as it was 40 years ago.

“Do You Really Want This To Happen As Apart From The Golf Course Closing Serco Will Lose A Lot Of Money? Be Honest Rupert This Is A Simple Request Which Can Be Fixed With One Phone Call

“I hope you fully understand the serious situation the golf club is in”.

A very irate member of BPGC speaking on behalf of all the members. 

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