Burscough Flood Group Challenge To Jobsworths

The Burscough group that has been standing tall for four years to relate the indifference to how much harm flooding causes, has made a challenge to council officials by asking them how genuine, if any, their concern is.

They write “I hope that those who are looking into the difficulties that Burscough faces will understand that though you only hear from a few individuals such as Members of the Flood Group, we are speaking up on behalf of many who have been flooded or who are threatened with flood.

“All of us are unpaid and give our time free of charge. I have yet, in the 4 years I have been engaging with the Risk Management Authorities, to meet any paid individual who appears to be genuinely standing up for Residents on this issue, I hope this will change”.

An email trail with one senior official simply shows “I acknowledge receipt of your email” and “the contents of which will be considered”, as weeks pass by.

We make no apologies for repeating that “In 2016 following the Flooding events of Boxing day 2015, Burscough Parish (Town) Council, in response to concerns of Residents supported the Creation of a Flood Action Group. It was recognised at the time, that there was serious under recording of Flooding events, Both Sewage and Surface Water, and that this may be part of the reason that these issues were not being addressed as they should.

“Burscough Flood Group began to gather data from Burscough Residents, and it soon became very clear, that there were major flaws in the recorded Data of the RMA’s (Risk Management Authorities). i.e. Lancashire County Council. The LLFA, (Lead Flood Authority), West Lancs. Borough Council and United Utilities.
“When these concerns were brought to the attention of the RMA’s, they were not openly welcomed as one would expect, In fact quite the opposite happened. There appeared to be a concerted effort by the RMA’s concerned to dismiss the data, which then led to a refusal to accept the Legitimacy of Burscough Flood Group.

“During a meeting/presentation held by United Utilities in 2018, this actually became openly hostile, with a United Utilities Representative appearing to threaten one of our members with Civil action. An Employee of West Lancs. Borough Council, who stated he was off duty and not representing WLBC, emphasised the fact that they do not recognise the Legitimacy of Burscough Flood Group. Lancashire County Council, Lead Flood Authority who had already denied the legitimacy of BFG. Also stated they did not recognise BFG.

“(in a Meeting with Burscough Parish Council 21st Feb.2018. LLFA stated; “however due to other issues around the requirements for the legality of Resilience groups then Burscough Flooding Group do not meet that criteria,”).

“It was wrong for the LLFA to take this position, as stated earlier BFG were legitimately formed, and therefore The RMA’s have a responsibility to work with, and Recognise BFG”.

In a nutshell Burscough Flooding Group states “We believe for the financial reasons set out above, the RMA’s involved i.e. Lancashire County Council Lead Flood Authority, West Lancashire Borough Council and United Utilities, have collectively looked at how the Report will influence Development and Expenditure over the coming years, and effectively Tailored the Scope of the Report to weigh heavily in favour of future Development and minimising infrastructure expenditure, particularly in the case of United Utilities”.

Ah well, hostilities from the ever grasping profit seeking United Utilities that does not recognise the harm raw sewage swilling around INSIDE homes does is nothing new. 

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