Beacon Park Golf Course In A Despicable State

Another Letter to Serco About the “Despicable State of the Beacon Park Golf Course

“Dear Mr Soames [seen below signing a company contract],

“This is probably going to be one of many emails you receive this week concerning the above. The catalogue of lies, excuses, and false promises relating to the course continues which at the moment can best be described as wasteland owing to the still uncompleted relocation of the invalid dumping of landfill produce from over 2 years ago and complete lack of any course maintenance.

“Why your organisation needs to have discussions with West Lancashire Borough council before continuing to maintain the course which every other golf course on the local area is actioning this is an absolute mystery.

“Serco are either managing the course or not. I have already contacted Rosie Cooper MP concerning the trespass problem on the course as a result of the lack of maintenance and presence by yourselves resulting in an abundance of general public dog walking and fouling of the area which is a significant health hazard.

“As you are no doubt aware membership of the Beacon Park Golf Club which uses the facilities of the course has reduced from over 200 when I first became a member some 12 years ago to barely 50, some of whom have had to resort to playing else where even when the course has been open owing to the very poor state of it and in view of the current situation are unlikely to return.

“On several occasions there have been comments by group and course management about not wanting to incur further losses by spending money even doing basics on the course but in essence the reason for the poor financial viability of the course rests solely with bad management by Serco, which is probably why we have never received the £400 we were promised as contribution to the annual presentation night last November.

“Your company is an absolute disgrace and the leisure management team can best be described as incompetent. Please sort out the mess at Beacon Park Golf Course with progress within the next 48 hours or a garnishee order [a common form of enforcing a judgment debt] will be taken out against your organisation”.


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