Latest Coronavirus News

No further Covid-19 deaths have been reported in West Lancashire today

There were over 176 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Lancashire yesterday, marking the single largest increase in 24 hours since the outbreak started. The number of cases in areas managed by Lancashire County Council is 1,314.

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust has had its debts of £130,542,000 written off

The Health Department has also pledged a simpler “internal payments” system to ensure that trusts receive “all the necessary funding to carry out their emergency response, despite many hospitals cancelling or limiting their usual services such as elective surgery or walk-in clinics due to the virus”.

Under the write-off, historical government loans will be converted to equity in the form of “public dividend capital”. That basically amounts to government investment in the assets of NHS trusts for which, in normal circumstances, a rate of return would be expected.

The Department of Health has assured trusts that adjustments will be made to ensure that providers’ ongoing surplus or deficit positions are not negatively affected by the debt write-off.

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