Alleged Assault At Building Site In Halsall

Further to our article yesterday about 72 New Cut Lane, Halsall

we can report that this morning New Cut Lane became the scene of unprovoked violence when a local lady was walking her dog past house No 70 and a Ford transit van mounted the kerb, nearly knocking her and her dog over.

It’s reported that when the vehicle stopped, the woman requested the driver not to park over the full width of the footpath and not attempt to run pedestrians over, at which the man began a tirade of verbal abuse then physically assaulted the lady. The man then grappled for her mobile phone in an attempt to acquire it!

If it wasn’t for the intervention of shouting neighbours witnessing the alleged assault, the situation potentially may have escalated into something far worse!

The man is reported to be an employed contractor working on the No 72 New Cut lane building site owned by Paul Halsall of Broadley Developments, 36 Waterloo Road, Birkdale Southport. This was confirmed when Mr Paul Halsall attended the site later. The alleged assailant entered the secure site, then shortly after, fled the scene in a white Ford transit van.

We now understand that the assaulted lady in question is the highly respected local Halsall Parish Councillor, Lynn Campbell.

The matter has been reported to Lancashire Police and a full Police investigation is currently ongoing whilst officers are collecting witness statements and a number of charges are expected soon.

The scene of the alleged assault would have been captured by the site’s CCTV

but the site owner stated that it wasn’t operational at the time of the violence occurring, which begs the question why!

This is the latest episode occurring at this controversial building site with workmen blatantly ignoring working hours, health and safety regulations, breaches of planning regulations and prohibition of works notices from HSE now escalating to actual physical violence!

It will be very interesting to see if WLBC, on being informed of this event, will be conducting its own investigation into the alleged assault and the ongoing breaches of WLBC working times on such sites on Bank Holidays.

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