How Was Your Good Friday?

Did you enjoy a quiet, relaxing day in your garden?

Then spare a thought for residents of New Cut Lane, in Halsall whose day was ruined by illegal housing development at 72 New Cut Lane, as Broadley Developments Ltd, of 36 Waterloo Rd. Birkdale, whose agent is Andrew Cunningham Building Design Ltd, of 28 Union Street, Southport, worked in contravention of WLBC limitations for Bank Holidays.

The work was blatantly flouting WLBC planning requirements on Bank Holiday site working hours.

Not a clear screenshot but it states “No work on Sundays or Bank Holidays”, It is also believed that the developer is regularly in direct breach of numerous planning conditions associated to the site.

It’s reported the site has been visited by HSE officers and WLBC Planning Enforcement officers frequently regarding serious breaches of safety regulations, unsafe removal of asbestos, abusive and threatening behaviour, and potentially criminal damage to LCC highway assets.

A HSE prohibition of works notice was issued to the developer due to serious issues relating to this site but it’s claimed this notice was completely ignored and work continued.

A local resident suggests that those councillors who voted to approve this development should reflect on the misery created by the controversial site, especially when 83 formal objections were submitted against it. However the WLBC Planning dept were satisfied that the developer would adhere to all necessary conditions!

Residents are waiting to see when, or if, WLBC conducts a full investigation on the continuous issues and takes proper legal action against the developer who is potentially using the COVID 19 crisis to his full advantage! Broadley Developments Ltd, Registered Number 04892274, declared “Current Assets of £4,709,634 as of 31st October 2019” and “Shareholders’ Funds of £1,045,695”.

But the question is, does WLBC have the balls to take action with the evidence of the photograph above as proof of illegal development, and would the local police act as they would, and do, for other breaches of anti-virus requirements?

2 thoughts on “How Was Your Good Friday?

  1. neil campbell (@limetreevilla)

    A developer in direct breach of planning conditions in West Lancashire! how unusual?
    No doubt WLBC Planning Enforcement officers shall be using their extensive powers to stop rogue developers operating within West Lancashire!
    I do recall during the February planning meeting, a number of residents highlighted the serious issues of this development and the applicants representive said they would be a considerate builder!
    And correct they were, they have given the developers financial gain a lot of consideration!


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