Stay Home, Stay Safe, And Help The NHS

From Lancashire Police

We know the temptation to go out with family over this Easter weekend will be high. But right now, we’re amidst a critical peak in this pandemic where we still have the opportunity to make a difference.

We’ve been working with landowners like United Utilities and partner constabularies like GMP around major beauty spots all over Lancashire, to ensure we are all doing our utmost to keep people safe this Easter weekend. You may find at some sites, like Rivington Pike, the landowners and local councils have made decisions to shut car parks and close off land to visitors. Please think twice before travelling to beauty spots like Rivington…it will still be here, long after #Covid19 is gone!

Superintendent Karen Edwards said “Over the last few days my officers have had some issues with people coming to the area, to visit rural areas in Lancashire, which is not in the spirit of the legislation. I want to support the local community around places such as Rivington and beauty spots and urge people to make themselves aware of government information relating to the National Emergency. It is everyone’s responsibility to do all they can to keep themselves safe but also others.

“If excessive numbers of people visit rural areas it is impossible to maintain social distancing. This increases the risk of infection, in particular to vulnerable people in our communities. We are working hard with our communities and partners to help people understand the rules and guidelines and why they are important.”

Thank you to the majority of people in Lancashire who are following government guidance and doing all they can to support our NHS. For those that continue to ignore the rules, we appeal to you to do the right thing and think about how your actions can affect those around you. When you look back at this pandemic, please don’t let your contribution be a fine for unnecessary travel.


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