Is Crime Thriving In Your Area?

Crime IS thriving as the Aughton Parish Council Minute 11236 shows.

“CHAIRMAN/VICE-CHAIRMAN/PARISH CLERK’S FEBRUARY MEETING WITH THE LOCAL POLICE – a brief report was given on the meeting held 7 February 2020. There had been 26 reported crimes since the last meeting (a huge increase from the 12 reported in January 2020) including;

“ 3 malicious communication/harassment, 9 public order/neighbour dispute/domestic/assault, 5 vehicle crime (Granville Park (3), Holt Coppice, Delph Common Road), 2 burglary residential (Bracknell Way, Bold Lane), 3 theft (Granville Park, Butchers Lane, Noel Gate), 1 missing from home (found safe), 2 theft/shop-lifting (Co-op Convenience Store), 1 criminal damage excluding a vehicle (Fernhurst Gate – youths detained). Other than reported crimes, there had been 84 incidents.

“There were also 12 cases of ‘suspicious circumstances’ and local residents were asked to be observant, ensuring cars, doors, windows, garages were locked and sheds were secured. Anything suspicious to be reported via ‘101’ service”.

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