West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper Disgusted By Hospedia

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper Is Disgusted

“By Heartless Hospedia Cashing In On Coronavirus”

Following West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper’s intervention on behalf of a constituent, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital contacted Hospedia requesting that cost of calls to patients be reduced or redirected to the hospital so that the bills for relatives contacting loved ones who have been admitted to hospital could be reduced. This is much needed to allow relatives to keep in touch with their ill family members who they aren’t allowed to visit during this Coronavirus crisis.

In response, Hospedia indicated that they would charge the Trust £10,000 per month. The issue of call charges came to the attention of Rosie Cooper MP after being contacted by a constituent, Ms Irene Simpkin, who was charged £11 for phoning her elderly mother at Southport Hospital, where visitors are banned.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper responded “I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of heartless Hospedia who are cashing in on the Coronavirus crisis. Businesses up and down the country are bending over backwards to support the effort, restaurants providing free meals, launderettes washing NHS workers’ clothes for free, but here we have Hospedia charging premium rates for phonecalls to inpatients and offering to take the charge off the public but only in return for £10,000 per month from the hospital!

“The NHS should end the contract with heartless profiteering Hospedia as soon as possible. At a time such as this when we are warning the public about potential scammers, it is clear we don’t have to look too far to see where some businesses are happy to make a quick buck while others suffer.

“I have brought this to the attention of the Health Secretary demanding that he urgently intervene so that families can get to speak to their loved ones who are in hospital without the worry of overly expensive phone bills. Rosie added “Hospedia have refused to comment but we can only presume they aren’t too happy with the public reaction as they have now deleted their twitter account”.

Hospedia states “Patients can make free outbound calls from their bedside unit to numbers starting 01, 02, 03 and mobiles at all times. Warning: If you call a patient from a landline or mobile, Hospedia charges 13p per minute to cover the cost of running the service. However, you may be charged up to 78p per minute because your network operator charges up to 65p per minute. Hospedia never receives more than 13p per minute.

“Hospedia is the UK’s leading operator of Point of Care software and services. Our solutions are used in more than 130 sites across the NHS – patient engagement, WiFi and patient media.

Supporting NHS initiatives.

“Hospedia’s services can deliver over £6m in annual savings for a typical 500 bed UK acute hospital, alongside improving patient care and supporting NHS initiatives, such as the Paperless NHS and digital inclusion.

“Members of the Hospedia team have experience working within the NHS. We pride ourselves on unparalleled interaction with stakeholders, including patients, visitors, healthcare management, clinical staff, government, volunteers and charities. We believe that this makes our solutions the best possible fit to support care delivery and decision-making in practice.

Better visibility. Better decisions. Better care.

“Hospedia’s mission is to deliver a better patient experience by enabling healthcare professionals to make quicker and safer decisions with real-time information, whilst ensuring the patient is educated and entertained at every step of the journey. Hospedia: Facts and figures; Over 20 years of experience at the heart of healthcare; 75% market share of acute NHS hospitals; Bedside hardware and software deployed in over 160 hospitals; International partnerships for global distribution and implementation; ISOQR Registered”.

So that’s what it is all about, Not making quick bucks from coronavirus, justensuring the patient is educated and entertained at every step of the journey” and “delivering a better patient experience”, who’d of thought it! 

For the record “HOSPEDIA HOLDINGS LIMITED is an active private limited company, incorporated on 18 August 2010. The nature of the business is “Activities of other holding companies n.e.c.” The company’s registered office is on Windsor Road, Slough. The company’s accounts were last made up to 29 March 2019, are next due on 31 December 2020, and fall under the accounts category: Group. HOSPEDIA HOLDINGS LIMITED has no previous names. The company has no mortgage charges, outstanding or otherwise”.

Directors are MR NICK KAISER (a 43 year old American national) and MR KONSTANTIN VON BISMARCK (a 33 year old German national).  Their revenue for 2019 was £17,014,000 and the company opted not to declare its income statement for the year. They declared an operating profit of £1,732,000 and paid taxation of £1,231,000.


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