Hullo From Wally, Isolated In Halsall

Hullo, it’s me again

from Halsall Towers, on behalf of the Tory “Halsall Cohort” ie me, Doreen, and Marilyn, that “represents” and I use the term loosely, Aughton & Downholland and Aughton Park. I expect you have missed my musings?

“In case you are unaware of our status, it appears that we are “furloughed councillors” or “on gardening leave” the scheme for which we understand the government will pay up to 80% of councillors’ allowances. So far WLBC hasn’t told us our exact status but we are self isolating and cannot attend Council. It’s curious how the 80/20 ratio has crept into our lives.

“Of course, you will realise one of our number, Sam Currie, has benefited from 100% allowances for being absent from 80% and attending only 20% of meetings at WLBC, and is, we are told, working in London, so we can reasonably say he does not enjoy the benefit of being party whipped.

“I was very surprised to read that Sam tweeted “I’ve got @rickygervais tickets for October and if this pandemic isn’t over by then or the fat prick gets it and cancels his show then 2020 is a complete write off”, because that is barrack-room language, unlike when I referred to people, Aughtonians, as liars, telling lies door to door!

“Sam has also tweeted “20% drop in pay is difficult at best of times. For people on commission it’s much more Even with commission inc it can be closer to 65% when you take the max 2500k p/m For the (taxable) commission not to count many are taking a pay cut of 80%(!!) #furloughleave pay must change”. From which we might assume Sam is besotted with that ratio of 80% to 20%. 

“As you know I was a “senior” bank clerk, and If you’ve studied business or economics, you’re well familiar with the power of the Pareto Principle, namely that 80% of results will come from 20% of the action, or 20% of your work drives 80% of your outcomes! Simple! Perhaps Sam is smarter than I ever thought?

Anyway, enough of this theory, I must press on with my Tory manifesto for 2080…whoops, there I go again, 2021, in hopes of winning the delayed elections. 

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