Angry About, Or Ignorant Of, Selfish Aughton Over 70s?

How sad it is to read, over at QLocal, that somebody, very thoughtlessly, wrote ‘Stop being selfish!’ Aughton pensioners told”.

I’m a community support worker in Aughton/Ormskirk. I live in Aughton and my local shop (Dave’s Aughton Food Stores) is the best! A time like this they have stepped up and Dave and family and staff are deserving keyworkers – so much appreciated…Would like to add as a concerned carer too many over 70’s are out.

“Please stay in! I feel sad that most of them have attitude “my numbers up” as I was quoted by one elderly man. Well I have a young family and the majority in Aughton who are key workers do also. Stay safe, stay home, elderly STOP being selfish!”

Read that again…most of them have attitude “my numbers up” as I was quoted by one elderly man. Yes, one, not the many, into thousands, of Aughton’s over 70s! I’m peed off by what this lady claimed.

Just how many of the “Over 70s” did she speak to so as to quote her “most of them have attitude” accurately? Just one! I’m 80, and for the duration I don’t go out other than for short exercise, and I know that my elderly neighbours are being helped, as we are, by other good neighbours bringing our essentials. I didn’t make it today to collect my essential prescription from Rowlands, someone did it for me!

This lady claims to speak about many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of law abiding elderly and disabled Aughtonians, yet she quotes just one! I can’t imagine how and why she makes this attack on us, but as usual there are two sides to every story.

In the whole of West Lancashire there are 1,029 out of the total population aged 65 and over living in a care home with or without nursing, the 2014 figure was 851. As would be expected, the number of people in care homes increases with age. And so, incidentally, does the number NOT living in care homes but in their own homes. What do they do, hide away or else become selfish?

Also in 2014, there were 8,200 65 to 74, 5,400 75 to 84, and 1,700 85+, all in their own homes. The health of old people in West Lancashire varies, particularly between the most and least deprived areas. As people age they are more susceptible to strokes, coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis and dementia. Evidence suggests that people will live longer, but will spend longer in ill-health. [Source for all figures the WLBC Report “An Ageing Population In West Lancashire”]

Is it any wonder that when a coronavirus comes along some, or perhaps just one who happened to meet Sarah M, of these people might say “my number’s up” because ANY infection might be enough for a “number to be up”? And just for the record, Public Health England estimates “that on average 17,000 people have died from the flu in England annually between 2014/15 and 2018/19”. Public Health England, warned “Whilst the flu is common, it can be deadly for older adults, very young children and people with underlying health conditions”.

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