Multi Million £CIL Income Rules WLBC, OK?

In 2018/19 the total WLBC CIL receipts for the reported year were £2,150,247

from which we might all deduce that CIL rules the WLBC treasury. In the same period the total CIL expenditure was a meagre £61,105. Total CIL allocated during the reported year (2018/19) for use 2019-2021 was £91,000, leaving WLBC with £1,998,142 cash in hand. The meaningful proportion of CIL paid out should be 15%. Does Ebenezer Scrooge

described as a “squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!” run the WLBC treasury?

Burscough Flooding Group responds re Pines Estate Flooding. Gavin Rattray reports on mixed official messages about flooding in the borough, and particularly Burscough, (Crabtree Lane/Higgins Lane).

“In response to “Rosie Cooper MP tackles flooding concerns at Pines Estate” I suggest that while it is heartening to see politicians and council take an interest in new residents with flooding problems near Burscough, West Lancashire Borough Council through its Leader Cllr Ian Moran hasn’t yet been prepared to meet the patiently waiting Burscough Flooding Group or investigate the mismanagement of the recent Jacobs Report on Burscough’s flooding problems, which the Pines Development in Ormskirk, along with the Yew Tree Farm development and other developments in Burscough are contributing to.

“It didn’t have to be like this because WLBC repeatedly promised that Grove Farm and Yew Tree Farm wouldn’t make flooding worse in Burscough and could make it better. As part of that reassurance United Utilities said they were very likely to get approval from OFWAT for the approximately £20M of funding needed to solve Burscough’s sewer capacity problems in 2015. It was just unfortunate for Burscough, that the Planning Inspector at the 2012 Local Plan Inspection in Public missed his opportunity to stop the developments until the infrastructure was fixed. Because WLBC had deceived him and residents by knowingly promising something they couldn’t deliver, that WLBC could build a massive housing estate of 1000+ homes in one of the lowest lying areas with the worst sewers and not cause additional flooding.

“We know UU didn’t get the £20M funding in 2015 and now wonder whether they ever tried and whether they deliberately deceived the Planning Inspector? Because UU isn’t trying to get funding now!

“The recent Jacobs report on Burscough’s surface water flooding problems was another missed opportunity. This time the vested interests of Lancashire County Council, WLBC, and UU took over completely, setting a scope excluding almost of their own problems, then editing the report in private. All whilst we believe our Borough and County Councillors and MP Rosie apparently did nothing to stop that happening, and in one shameful instance helped it to happen. The resulting report is a whitewash and a waste of public money.

“Our borough council and politicians have flooding concerns themselves that the new housing estates, which are adding to Burscough’s severe flooding problems, shouldn’t be blighted by flooding, because they want the huge amounts of new housing bonus and CIL monies that Grove Farm and Yew Tree Farm and other estates in Burscough are generating for WLBC to continue. They have no other real concerns about flooding.

“Burscough Flooding Group”.

“A reminder that on 4th February, 2019, the very concerned West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “It has taken far too long for this Jacobs flood report to come forward from Lancashire County Council, it’s been a year and a half since I was offered a copy of it at the Flood Forum meeting I held in Christ Church. All the county can tell us now is that the recommendations are too expensive to carry out, but very little about what they have been doing for the past two years to make any progress.

“This was taxpayers’ money used to fund a very high level and detailed report and the immediate reaction suggests it was all a waste of time and money. I have written to Lancashire County Council and to DEFRA to ask what they plan to do now to protect my constituents from the threat of further flooding, many constituents who have already had their lives devastated through flooding in 2012 or 2015”.

The Burscough Parish (now Town) Council reported having received CIL of £6,098 for 2017/18 and £113,471 for 2018/19. But the West Lancashire Borough Council CIl Report For The Financial Year 2018/19 June 2019 includes… As at 1st April 2019 For Burscough the CIL receipts collected by parish area were £1,188,583; Administration portion (5%) £59,429; Meaningful proportion (15%) passed to parish £178,060; WLBC Strategic portion (80%) £951,094.

This staggering CIL income stream into WLBC coffers, £1,188,583 from Burscough alone, indicates that revenue is prioritised over expenditure, over flooding relief, and it’s wrong!

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