Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) Service

From West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group

“Our Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) Service may experience higher than usual demand and as a result, patients may experience longer waiting times due to significantly higher call volumes.

“We can assure you that POD staff are working extremely hard to process prescription requests and we thank you for your patience.

“Please note: Patients should not order their prescriptions any earlier. Requests made more than 7 days before medication due dates will not be accepted. Extra requests for medication and stockpiling of medication is completely unnecessary and could disadvantage other patients”.

There are no prescription medicine shortages as a result of Coronavirus, but the difficulties facing isolated elderly, disabled, and at risk patients trying to obtain their prescriptions from their chosen chemists, hopefully by free delivery, have still not been resolved.

Rosie Cooper MP is still on the case and has brought the problem to Dr Amanda Doyle, Chief Officer at our CCG, for consideration. Dr Doyle has referred some of the questions concerning immune compromised patients to a regional control centre, which begs the question why do we have a West Lancashire CCG at all?

NB 19th March from CCG

“We are currently dealing with an exceptionally high level of demand for prescriptions and need to prioritise issuing of prescriptions to those that need them most.

“We will only issue your usual supply of medication, and if your repeat prescription is not within the next seven days please call when it is due to be issued.

“Please be aware that we cannot accept requests for paracetamol, unless you currently receive regular repeat prescriptions for paracetamol. Paracetamol can be obtained from your local pharmacy or other retailer. 

“Unless you have a confirmed diagnosis of a chronic respiratory condition, we cannot accept a request for an inhaler at this time”.

The first paragraph of the NB is worrying. Patients receive medication prescriptions because they need them, so to now be told the POD has a need to prioritise issuing of prescriptions to those that need them most indicates a judgement will be made that some of us need them less! 

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