Getting Britain Out, Could It Be In Doubt?

For the personal attention of the Prime Minister
The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

March 20th 2020

“Dear Prime Minister

“As the Director of the leading cross-party grassroots campaign, Get Britain Out – – I am writing to you to make clear – the Transition Period MUST NOT be extended.

“I understand these are adverse and challenging times because of the outbreak of COVID-19, however, I am urging you to fulfil your commitment to the Great British Public who voted for you in the General Election – it MUST BE Deal or No-Deal – and to end the Transition Period with the European Union by December 31st 2020.

“We are in a digital age of communications. There is absolutely no reason why negotiations with the EU cannot continue online or via video-conferencing. Multiple EU Council Conferences are now being held via video-conferencing. Why have there been no arrangements to do so (as of March 20th) following this week’s cancelled talks?

“You must not allow the EU to force your hand into any delays, something which – as of today (March 20th) – has been rumoured by multiple sources to be under consideration by the UK Government. It is evident they will stop at nothing to drag talks out and make life hard for the UK in an attempt to force us into extending our membership of the bloc and incur further financial liabilities. Extending would mean they could demand billions of pounds more in membership fees from the UK Government – and at a time when we should not be paying a penny into the EU while you and the Chancellor are coping with this health crisis and building our global future.

“I was concerned to hear on March 19th – from your own mouth – you said Brexit is apparently not being spoken about in No 10 or Cabinet meetings any more. Along with our supporters – many of whom are countersigning this letter to you – I am seeking reassurance this is not the case, because if so, this is an approach which is far too narrow. All of Government cannot be preoccupied with dealing with COVID-19. You have thousands of Civil Servants at your disposal. Surely, they can be  divided up appropriately – and those dealing with the trade talks and our future relationship with the EU must not be redeployed to deal with COVID-19, as has been reported in the press.

“Unfortunately, we understand Michel Barnier has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and David Frost has had to self-isolate as a result of Coronavirus, and while we wish them well soonest and I am naturally sympathetic, I do not believe these are grounds to delay the negotiations. Surely both men have able deputies who can take the lead during this time. It is not like both men are in every negotiating room all of the time anyway. If we believe these deputies are not capable, then why are they anywhere near the talks in the first place?

“Again, to reiterate, I understand COVID-19 is a national priority, but I urge you not to put Brexit on the backburner and refrain from agreeing to delay the negotiations. It shows true leadership to maintain a liberal democracy through times of adversity and if you fail to deliver on the promises you made to the electorate in the 2019 General Election, then can you truly continue to claim to be in charge of a Democracy in the United Kingdom?

“I hope you understand the spirit of this letter on behalf of the many thousands of our supporters who have countersigned this letter. I look forward to your reply Prime Minister”.

Yours sincerely

Jayne K Adye
Director, Get Britain Out 

“TO ADD YOUR SIGNATURE TO THIS LETTER, WHICH WE WILL SEND TO THE PRIME MINISTER NEXT WEEK, PLEASE SEND ME A BRIEF E-MAIL TO:, WITH YOUR FULL NAME, YOUR POSTCODE AND THE WORD ‘AGREED’. Please send this e-mail to all your friends, families, neighbours – especially now they be working from home, as well as all your associates, to ask them to also countersign the letter – as the more names we can add to the list to accompany the letter the better.

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