LCC Plans Action To Tackle Flooding In Burscough

Residents of Burscough affected by flooded homes will wonder how the County Council could issue a statement re the Jacobs report to the press

promising “We will now be working with partners and the Burscough community to progress the action identified in the study to reduce the risk of flooding to the village in future and ensure people are better equipped to protect their properties if the need arises”.

This “Burscough community” is presumably the one that LCC insulted by leaving its own meeting with a community representative simply because he had notified them he would be expressing his legal right to record the meeting. We’ve been reporting on the Burscough floods for about ten years, and this Jacobs report gives “high priority” to 8 actions, 7 of which were regarding works on Redcat Lane and Crabtree Lane, which require the protection of properties ahead of any capital funded scheme. That’s what we heard ten years ago and waiting! Don’t hold your breath!

We’ll report any apology from LCC to the Burscough Flooding Group as soon as we hear about it!


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