Halsall Parish Against Coronavirus

Has your Parish Council produced a guide for parishioners about the coronavirus? 

Halsall Parish Council, with its small annual budget circa £24,000, has published its “Situation as at time of going to press. Halsall has a substantial elderly community who may be more at risk from Coronavirus and Halsall Parish Council and Borough Cllr Maureen Mills are very concerned for the health and welfare of everyone within the Parish.

“We are looking into measures and assistance which can help vulnerable residents cope with the knock on effects this virus may have. We are seeking volunteers to help those who may be in self-isolation or ill and may require shopping, or just a simple reassuring phone call.

“Potentially over the next few months, our normal routines will be disrupted and the community will, we are sure, rally to help our neighbours. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that residents should follow professional advice and keep themselves up to date with news as matters progress: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

“The Parish Council has a number of resources that might be needed in a worst case scenario and forward planning is underway. However, we will need your support going forward. We would also welcome your thoughts on how we can assist the community through these difficult times. The community spirit within Halsall is strong and resilient, and we want to promote that further to help us all through this crisis.

“We have compiled a list the local suppliers who are willing to conduct door to door deliveries ranging from the essentials to restaurants and cafes providing hot and cold meals. Updates and additional information will be added on the Halsall Parish website http://www.halsallparish.com

Please note that some businesses may charge for delivery

Greengrocers, butchers, fish mongers & daily essentials; Stanley’s greengrocers 01704 568503; Birkdale Cheese Centre 01704 568822; Birkdale Health Shop 01704 564353; Broughs Butchers 01704 574069; Bates Dairy 01704 567595;  Jennings Greengrocers; 01704 553775; Peet’s Place (fish) 07877125999;  Hallidays of Birkdale 01704 551524; Southport Cake Creations 01704 541137; Wesley Fish Shop 01704 542778;  Jo Kelly’s 01704 232740;  Wiltshire Farm Foods 0800 077 3100; Ainsdale Fruit & Veg 01704 577686; Jo Massams Pet Food Supplies 01704840265. NB visiting restaurants and cafes is not now recommended according to government guidelines.

Can any other parish match Halsall with its extensive care and advice for its vulnerable population?

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