Halsall Parish Council Decreases Its Precept By 8.65%

2020/21 Halsall Parish Precept cut by 8.65%

“The Parish Council are pleased to report that the 2020/21 precept to be raised from Council Tax £16,399 with a taxbase of 835.71 gives a Band D equivalent Tax Level of £19.62 a decrease of 8.65% on the previous year.


The Council are in the process of installing a sewage treatment plant at the Memorial Hall in order to comply with new Environment Agency regulations.

This is being funded with The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which was introduced by West Lancashire Borough Council in 2015; the Levy imposes a charge on certain new developments, based on the size of the properties being built. This is designated to underwrite the cost of improving the infrastructure within the Borough necessitated by such development.

The Parish Council receives 15% of this Levy for developments carried out within its own Parish.

Next Parish Council Meeting. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE HALSALL PARISH COUNCIL HAS TAKEN THE RESPONSIBLE DECISION TO CANCEL THE APRIL MEETING DUE TO THE RISK OF CORONAVIRUS. The next Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 7.30pm, The Memorial Hall, Halsall Road, Halsall.

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