Official Councillor Extensions Of Terms Of Office. What Happened To Technology?

Whether or not you like it, the Government has decided to extend the terms of office of councillors, because of the coronavirus. It hasn’t, apparently, got a brain that suggested a total postal and/or online vote. Why keep the dross in office?

The official line is

“Dear Parish Clerk

“As you will likely be aware, the Government has announced that the May 2020 elections are to be postponed until May 2021. This postponement will also apply to Parish Councils and therefore I write to inform you that your elections will be postponed until May 2021.

“We are awaiting further details from Government around the consequential matters as a result of the delay, particularly; extending the length of term of existing councillors, and postponing by-elections/allowing automatic co-option as a result of retirements/resignations of councillors who would have vacated their post in May. Once we have further details we will let you know”.

A postal or online facility must be the answer. That would enable Aughton & Downholland Cllr Currie to fulfill his desire to end his, and our, wish to see him leave his 20% part-time tenure of office! 

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