Would You Like To Be A Councillor?

David Gallagher would like to be a councillor for Aughton and Downholland

He’s known as “Mr Aughton’s Got Talent” and is introduced by Our West Lancashire as an Independent Voice. As we all know OWLs are independent of the political parties that fund election candidates. if elected he would replace a Tory party placeman/woman resulting from favouritism or nepotism. Independent minded electors will now have a choice, a resident of Moss Delph Lane Aughton or probably a resident of Halsall, where 3 fifths of our current Aughton Tory councillors live.

You will receive the OWL leaflet, copied here 

and here

It represents a reduced charge for garden waste, action on litter, action on climate & environment, and fighting back against speculative housing developers, to the extent of creating a £175,000 reserve for the council to contest legal challenges from developers if the council refuses planning permission.  Think Parrs Lane, prime farming land?

It also represents a fight against speeding on our roads and the blatant disregard of highways law, Think Long Lane?

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