It’s Exciting To Work For WLBC

No matter what the vacancy, you will be excited to work for WLBC. Guaranteed! Today we bring you news of the “Exciting Waste Manager” vacancy and the “Exciting Income Management Assistant” vacancy. Gosh!

Perhaps its the salary that will make you excited? Waste Management Officer Salary: £26,999 to £28,785 per annum. Income Management Assistant Salary: £19,554 to £21,166 per annum.

Or could it be the pleasure of serving the discerning tax payers of West Lancashire? It depends on the duty. The Waste manager is required “To promote the Waste Management Service whilst continuing to engage and educate service users on how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials under the control of the local authority” and I look forward to the day when anyone from waste management turns up at my home to educate me on which waste goes in which bin!

And the “Income Management Assistant” will “provide a high quality customer focused service, having a firm but fair approach and be motivated to contribute to team targets and performance. You will maintain regular contact with customers in rent arrears, and take a proactive approach to minimise debts”.

Isn’t that a debt collector? Why not just call it a debt collector?


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