Bog Roll Shortage Has A Bum Effect On Elderly And Infirm

It seems that lavatory paper has been in short supply

across the country as [some] British people prepare for the potential of life on lockdown. But in Australia a newspaper went so far as printing eight extra pages in a recent edition, emergency toilet paper, the newspaper said, should Aussies run out!

Now that rings a bell in my octogenarian memory…post war…1945…tearing up newspapers into bum size wipes…I kid you not! But why now? Toilet paper does not offer special protection against the virus. It’s not considered a staple of impending emergencies, like milk and bread are. So why are people buying up bogrolls more quickly than they can be restocked? 

Many shoppers have gone to their local supermarkets to find empty shelves, and the Government has had to put special measures in place to help shops restock quickly.

Supermarkets have called for customers to “be kind” amid fears that vulnerable and elderly people might be left without essential items including lavatory paper, tinned food and hand sanitiser, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked British people to “behave responsibly” when it comes to grocery shopping.

But let’s face it, panic buying begets panic buying! People see images of panic buyers, assume there’s a reason to panic and buy up supplies, too, Perhaps they need to see a psychologist!

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