What Is A Pothole? Some Potholery From LCC

What is a pothole, asks Lancashire County Council

It could be what you see above, a deep long hole in the road with yellow lines painted to stop you parking down the hole!

LCC state “Potholes are a plague on Britain’s roads. The Local Government Association claims it would take 14 years to clear the backlog of potholes, despite councils filling in almost two million per year, and the Government has pledged £six billion to try and tackle the problem by 2021. Potholes form for a number of reason, material failure due to fatigue, Sub structure failure poor utility reinstatement, increased traffic volumes and not least the weather.

“The changeable British weather conditions that we experience every year especially over the winter months, from stormy wet weather to prolonged freezing conditions leads to increased incidents of water freezing within the structure of the carriageway which leads to cracking of the road surfaces and potholes forming.

But what is potholery?

“For the purposes of Lancashire County Councils Highway Safety Inspection Policy, a pothole is identified as “a carriageway pothole is considered to be a sharp edged depression or hole of 40mm or greater in depth (20 mm in well used footways) and extending in any one direction greater than 150mm (50mm in footways)”. Potholery is when you complain to LCC or local councillors who then do nothing but watch the pothole grow.

Who Identifies the Potholes?

Apart from motorists suffering serious damage to their suspension, potholers, aka Highway Safety Inspectors, identify potholes, along with other highway defects, likely to create danger or serious inconvenience to users of the network or the wider community. Such defects include those that are considered to require emergency or urgent attention as well as those where the locations and sizes are such that longer periods of response will be acceptable.

Potholes could also be the reason for some elected members of our local councils, who practice potholery, being voted out of office. If your local ward has a history of neglected potholes you might think it’s time to make a change.

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