Scum Bags Scam Warning

Lancashire Police

report that “Scammers are trying to exploit the spread of coronavirus #COVID19. There’ve been recent reports of people getting coronavirus themed phishing e-mails trying to trick them into giving away personal or financial info”.

So please, install all software updates & be #scamaware. 21 frauds involving bogus protective facemasks never delivered have led to £thousand losses, Do not fall for these scumbags thieving from the fears of vulnerable people!

8 thoughts on “Scum Bags Scam Warning

      1. John Brace

        Unfortunately I missed day 3 yesterday as it clashed with a public meeting of the local council (to where I live) Health and Wellbeing Board that I wanted to cover. The hearing originally scheduled for today Thursday (day 4) was vacated (to give His Honour Judge Knifton QC time to write up his decision) but it’s highly likely I will get to know at a hearing tomorrow afternoon (Friday) what the decision is in this case.

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