West Lancashire Borough Council

would like to give assurances to people living and working in West Lancashire that we have flu policies and business continuity plans in place to deal with the pressures presented by pandemics such as Coronavirus.

We are aware of the Government’s action plan designed to deal with the outbreak and make preparations to contain it. We are in a position now where we can review the Council’s working practices and services in light of the growing number of cases in the UK.

The Council’s Cabinet will be receiving a briefing on Tuesday which both opposition party leaders will be invited to. We continue to receive updates from the Department for Health and Social Care and Public Health England and we are in regular contact with the Lancashire Resilience Forum. The Council will share and signpost key messages and advice across our website and social media to keep local people informed and safe in the coming months.

The Lancashire Local Resilience Forum (LRF) includes representatives from key emergency responders and specific supporting organisations including local authorities, health and other government agencies. Lancashire Local Resilience Forum has the primary responsibility for planning for and responding to any major emergency, including a pandemic, in the county.

The LRF in Lancashire is meeting on a weekly basis at a strategic and tactical level to ensure that the county is prepared to respond to any confirmed cases of Coronavirus with a focus on business continuity.

Find out how to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus at

Residents can also support our preparedness by accessing Council services online at

Councillor Ian Moran

Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council, said “We have policies and plans in place to deal with the pressures created by issues such as the Coronavirus. We would appeal to everyone to help us by following the guidance issued by the NHS and the Government.”

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