Private Provider Takes CCGs To Court Over Contract Decision

Like rats fighting in a sack, the greed of companies making £millions from CCG outsourcing hits the High Court.

InHealth has accused five CCGs of acting unlawfully in their decision to award a contract for community diagnostic services to a new provider last year.

Brent, Central London, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, and West London CCGs made the decision to award the 5-year contract worth £15.6 million to Healthshare instead of the incumbent provider InHealth.

InHealth has told the High Court that the CCGs acted unlawfully, by not acting with transparency or treating bidders equally during the procurement process.

Both InHealth and Healthshare are private providers that have million-pound profits. InHealth turns over an annual profit of £4.5 million whilst Healthshare generates £2 million, according to accounts on Companies House.

InHealth declares itself as the “UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions whose mission is to make healthcare better [not to mention creaming off £millions of NHS cash]. We do this by working with hospitals and commissioners across the NHS and independent sector”.


claims “We are an entirely clinically-led team with a passion for improving the effectiveness of NHS care” [not to mention creaming off £millions of NHS cash]. Through clinical leadership; our organisation is founded and run almost exclusively by clinicians in the field” [and the bean counters, of course]. 

Reminds me of another out-sourced NHS racket in Lancashire…child health…£104million…Virgin Care. NHS for sale? You bet!

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